Online Learning in the Age of COVID-19

48 minutes

Justin Reich hosts a virtual session with MIT’s Jameel World Education Lab’s (JWEL) to offer practical guidance and strategies for online learning during the coronavirus pandemic. The live audience includes educators from all around the world, and Justin answers their questions and offers his advice on listening to students and faculty, designing learning for challenging times, and prioritizing the needs of marginalized students. 

“...really think about how you can partner with students and faculty. Coronavirus feels like something that's being done to us. It would be great if our response to the Coronavirus feels something that we do together.”

  • Partner with Students and Faculty
  • Identify and Support Disadvantaged Students
  • Consider Emphasizing Asynchronous over Synchronous Learning
  • Strategically Reduce Learning Goals
  • Help Students Form Study Groups
  • Prioritize Time for Individual Connections
  • Plan for Remediation

Special thanks to Julia Reynolds-Cuélla, Susan Young and the whole team at the Abdul Latif Jameel World Education for the invitation, and for recording the conversation.


Resources and Links

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