Mike Caulfield

49 minutes

Justin Reich is joined by Mike Caulfield, a digital information literacy expert working at Washington State University who has worked with a wide variety of organizations on digital literacy initiatives to combat misinformation. Together they discuss critical thinking, issues with traditional forms of evaluating sources, and the SIFT method.

“SIFT. S-I-F-T. First is just “Stop”. If you find yourself emotional, if you find something that you've just got to share... Whatever is the trigger, the emotion, your excitement about sharing it, your rage, seeing something that just strikes you as a little bit odd... Whatever is the trigger, stop and ask yourself, do I really know what I'm looking at here? And you might… You might look at the source, and you might be like, oh yeah. I know this person. Most of the time, a lot of the time, you don't. A lot of the time, it just landed on your doorstep.” 

 - Mike Caulfield


In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • Mike’s introduction to this field - Critical consumption and CRAAP
  • Students are “shockingly bad” at verifying sources
  • The issues with CRAAP
  • Evaluating online sources with SIFT
  • Critical thinking
  • CUNY Staten Island intervention


Resources and Links

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Check out Justin Reich’s book, Failure To Disrupt!

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