Matthew Kraft

54 minutes

Justin Reich is joined by Matthew Kraft, associate professor of education and economics at Brown University to discuss the efficacy of tutoring, scaling tutoring for equity, and how COVID exposed the inequities of the status quo. 

“If we are to not think about changing how schooling works, it is in effect a default acceptance of that current world. So what I'm saying is given the empirical evidence, given the just willingness of parents to pay a whole bunch of money for tutoring, I think it's likely that it can be effective. There's no guarantees. It has to be done well. It won't work great at first, and you're going to have to improve. There's a whole bunch of landmines, as there always are. But with a sustained commitment to continuous improvement and problem solving, there's, I think, potential here, as much as there is for any other things that we do in school. So, lets have that be part of the school day so that it's equitably accessible for all kids, particularly those kids who most need it. ”   - Matthew Kraft

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • Lack of social emotional learning for young students
  • What role does tutoring play in supporting students and teachers?
  • The difficulty of scaling
  • The costs of tutoring
  • Integrating tutoring into the regular school day
  • What do we continue post-pandemic?
  • Adding time to the school day
  • Stigmas around receiving tutoring


Resources and Links

Check out A Blueprint for Scaling Tutoring Across Public Schools by Matthew Kraft

Check out the Boston Globe article: For schoolchildren struggling to read, COVID-19 has been a wrecking ball

Check out Justin Reich’s book, Failure To Disrupt!

Join our self-paced online edX course: Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices




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Recorded and mixed by Garrett Beazley


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