Math Teaching During COVID-19 School Closures with Michael Pershan

43 minutes

To support teachers in the midst of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, TeachLab is switching our focus to highlight tools and strategies for effective teaching during this time. Today we talk with Michael Pershan. He is a New York City math teacher at one of the first schools in the country to shut down in the face of COVID-19. At his school, the goal was to transition fully to synchronous distance learning. Michael joins Justin Reich to discuss what we know about online and distance learning, and what's feasible for a math teacher to do.

  • Michael’s experience and challenges in the midst of Coronavirus
  • How to create a base for kids to keep learning
  • Issues of synchronous online learning
  • Alternative methods of distance learning
  • Looking at the needs of different age groups and those who need extra support
  • Equity issues around access and technology 
  • Strategy and planning in the midst of emergencies


About Our Guest: Michael Pershan

Michael Pershan is an elementary, middle and high school teacher in NYC. Learn more about Micheal on Twitter @mpershan You can read about Michael’s professional history here and check out some of his writing here.




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Produced by Aimee Corrigan and Garrett Beazley

Recorded by Justin Reich and Michael Pershan

Edited by Aimee Corrigan

Mixed by Garrett Beazley


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