Lillian Hsu and Angela Daniel

40 minutes

This week on TeachLab, Justin is joined by Lillian Hsu, the founding principal of Latitude High School in Oakland, California, and Angela Daniel, instructional coach and design thinking project strategist at PSI High in Seminole County, Florida. They reflect on their transition to distance learning in the age of COVID, what values they brought with them, and how this experience will inform the upcoming fall semester.

“So much of the ninth grade program at our school is around visiting different community partners and getting to visit lots of different work places to investigate the anthropology of different careers, so how we can still translate that to the online space is something that really matters to us.” - Lillian Hsu

  • Priorities and values going into emergency remote learning
  • What worked and for who?
  • Changes in staff models and student support
  • Lessons that will be brought into the Fall
  • How the community can support learning


Note to the audience:

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Resources and Links

Watch “Voices from the Field: Centering Context” featuring Lillian Hsu

Watch “Voices from the Field: Asset Framing in Practice” featuring Angela Daniel

Check out the full course “Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices  now on the MIT Open Learning Library

Check out the full course “Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices on edX




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