Learning from the Pandemic

54 minutes

Justin Reich joins Jal Mehta and Neema Avashia for the live webinar panel How to Learn from the Pandemic: Name, Nourish, Connect, and Grow!  Together they discuss their collective research and experiences from COVID remote learning, what positivity emerged, and what stakeholders want changed as students and teachers look to re-enter the classroom. Hosted by Elizabeth Foster.

“We actually used last year's Imagining September report that was put out, as the basis for redesigning our school schedule for rethinking curriculum. Really using what young people were saying and what educators around the country were saying, to say, ‘We're going to put our stake in doing what's right for young people and we're not going to let the fear of accountability, or the fear of standardized testing be the thing that drives’. We can't let compliance or obedience to external measures be the thing that makes us not do the right thing in this moment.” - Neema Avashia


In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • Introducing our panelists
  • Jal on the common changes we saw throughout schools
  • Neema on the “in-classroom” experience
  • Justin on the Imagining September (August) activity
  • What was most important during the pandemic is still the most important post-pandemic


Resources and Links

Watch the full webinar How to learn from the Pandemic: Name, Nourish, Connect and Grow

Learn more about the Imagining September Report!

Check out Justin Reich’s book, Failure To Disrupt!

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