Games For Change

16 minutes

Justin Reich is joined by Susanna Pollack, president and director of Games for Change and Kate Selkirk-Litman, founding teacher and curriculum specialist at Quest to Learn, to discuss games in education and the STEM Your Game Challenge, a contest for game developers to reframe game design with the lean of serving STEM education.

“The community that we want to tap through this challenge is the commercial entertainment game developer. The game developer who might not have thought about the use of their games in educational contexts, but think that there might be something unique about their game, that if paired with a curriculum developer, curriculum advisor, or an educator like Kate, could actually find those threads and those connections to align with STEM education…” - Susanna Pollack

Note: The deadline for submissions has since been extended to January 6, 2021. 

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • NYC school closures
  • Games for Change mission in light of COVID
  • STEM Your Game Challenge
  • Bridging games and education
  • Past examples of successful game implementations


Resources and Links

Learn more about the STEM Your Game Challenge!

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Recorded and mixed by Garrett Beazley


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