Facing History with Laura Tavares

48 minutes

At TeachLab we continue our efforts to support teachers during the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode, Justin Reich joins Laura Tavares from Facing History and Ourselves, a professional development organization empowering teachers & students to think critically about history & to understand the impact of their choices. We discussed building community, supporting students, and caring for each other in the transition to distance learning. 

During the webinar, Justin and Laura discuss:

  • Sustaining values and equitable practices in challenging circumstances
  • Research about the risks for struggling and vulnerable learners in a transition to online learning
  • Actively reaching out to support learners in low tech ways through phone, messaging, and email
  • Research on typical virtual school practices, including their emphasis on self-paced, asynchronous learning and how much they depend upon parental support
  • Supporting student motivation through partnership, choice, autonomy, and agency
  • Using school resources in a crisis not just to address immediate needs, but to plan for supporting students in catching back up in summer, fall, and beyond


Resources and Links

Watch the full conversation with Justin and Laura at Facing History

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Read Invitation to Brave Space by Micky ScottBey Jones

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Check out FHAO’s Resource Library





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Produced by Aimee Corrigan 

Recorded by Justin Reich and FHAO

Edited by Aimee Corrigan

Mixed by Garrett Beazley


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