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This week on TeachLab, host Justin Reich is joined by Dr. David Joyner, Executive Director of Online Education at the Georgia Tech College of Computing. Together they discuss the challenges and advantages of online learning, the hard shift to remote learning under COVID, and David’s new book The Distributed Classroom.

“The distributed classroom is really about asking the question, ‘Can we take one classroom experience and distribute it across students who can commit to different levels of attendance, different levels of in-person attendance, different levels of synchronous attendance, things like that, such that you get to have as much of the experience as possible within your individual constraints?’" - David Joyner

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • The role of Executive Director of Online Education at the Georgia Tech College of Computing
  • Distributed Classrooms
  • The inherent advantage of learning CS online
  • Minimum Necessary Compromise
  • Assessing distributed classrooms
  • The importance of teaching assistants
  • COVID online learning and the Hosted Model


Resources and Links

Check out David Joyner’s book The Distributed Classroom

Check out David Joyner’s paper Components of Assessments and Grading At Scale

Learn more about Dr. David Joyner

Check out Justin Reich’s book Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can't Transform Education




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